Modulations in the Mother of the Bride Speech

To present the mother of bride speech could be stressful for the mother during the wedding and it could take in a lot of your time and energy in preparing the best ever speech that you could deliver on the great day of your daughter’s life. There are many options that you could choose to make the speech the most memorable and lovable one.

Getting things right

The first and most important thing to be considered is to get the basic structure right. The basic structure would include the introduction, message to the bride which would include her childhood and then a message to the groom which would include welcoming him and finally raising a toast for the couple. Apart from these basics, some of the other important things that you need to understand and implement are listed below which would make the speech a lot more effective and create an impact.

The tone of voice is one among the most important factor that needs to be understood and implemented. Your tone would make the difference in the speech like for example, when you are talking about your daughter, you should be sounding flattery and while talking about your son-in-law, it should sound welcoming. When adding different tones to your speech, it would give a warm feeling to your listeners. However make sure that you do not make it sad and lengthy which the audience may not find it interesting. Adding a bit of humor is also nice to make the speech interesting.

Customizing your speech is the next method to make a great mother of bride speech. Make it exclusively for your daughter and son-in-law and if you’re witty enough you could maybe try a little embarrassment talks on the first meet etc. However, if you are not sure on how it may turn out or if it would offend anyone, leave it out.

Dress up yourself to the latest trends. Our personality would reflect in the kind of speech also you deliver. Making yourself in comfortable clothe fittings and ones that perfectly match the season and occasion would be another way to get the audience hooked to your conversation or speech. If you are not presentable, people may not feel to listen to you or may not enjoy the speech, no matter how good it may be.

These are just some of the simple things that you could check into before making the speech and prepare one in advance and practice yourself , so that you would be knowing when and where to have the voice modulations and where and when to crack a joke. Present it in front of your close friends and family and seek suggestions and opinions from them to make the mother of bride speech even better. With the required changes made to the speech and with the right kind of practice , you could definitely deliver a great speech on your daughter`s wedding and keep in mind that a speech once said is said and cannot be taken back. So prepare well before the final say.

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