What do include in your mother of bride speech

As I told you in the preceding articles of this website, the format of any speech that has to be delivered at a wedding (and, in particular, the one of a mother of the bride speech) should be the typical format of any small essay, such as the ones that are written as school assignments, on various topics. This format consists in three main parts: a brief intro, a middle section and a small ending.

In the last two posts published on this website (prior to publishing this post) I described the ideas that you should talk about in the first two sections of your oration. In the intro you can tell a poem, joke or quotation, on a topic that is suitable for a wedding (you can opt for a subject such as love or marriage); the opening of your mother of the bride wedding speech should continue with you introducing yourself, welcoming the participants and thanking them for their presence.

The most important ideas of the oration’s body should be these: welcoming the bridegroom in your family, congratulating your daughter, thanking the co-organizers, describing the bride, telling funny moments from her childhood, giving advice for an excellent marriage, etc. This article will discover you the topics that are suitable for being included in the ending (the last section) of your mother of bride toast.

From this website’s previous posts you have found out that it’s highly recommended to have a principal subject for your speech. If you decide to follow this advice, you should know that the final portion of every wedding speech ought to reiterate the toast’s primary subject. The oration’s conclusion should at least summarize the main topics detailed in the body of the oration. As its names imply, the last section of a wedding toast (called ending or conclusion) should be a conclusion that ends the mother of the bride speech. (more…)

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