Preparing a Wedding Speech Means More than You Might Think

Bride's Mother Wedding SpeechDo you know which is the mistake that is made by most persons who have to offer discourses on various occasions, when it comes to preparing for that talk? It is that they focus only on one of the two fundamental components of that discourse, without paying any attention to the other one. Read this article for discovering what are these two essential elements of any talk. Although I wrote this article especially for helping you to prepare your mother of bride speech, the tips revealed in the paragraphs below are very useful for any future speaker who has little or no experience in this field in which one has to speak in front of a pretty large group of persons.

To put it more accurately, here is what you will discover if you will have the patience to go through each of the sections of this interesting post:

  • First and foremost, you will learn a thing that the great majority of people are not aware of: a speech has, in fact, two basic components, and both of them need to be prepared.
  • Second, you will understand why, while getting ready for your discourse, it is so important to focus also on its least known aspect, which is the one that I reveal in this article.
  • Third, the most effective hints related to the manner of preparing your talk are also described in the sections below.
  • Fourth, you will find out a quick and simple method by which anyone can get rid of not only the fear or public speaking, but also the overwhelming emotions that are generated by the fact of having a lot of people in front of you while delivering your wedding speech. This simple method refers to the way in which you ought to prepare your toast.

The Two Basic Components of a Mother of the Bride Wedding Speech

I promised you, in the first paragraph of this article, to reveal you the two fundamental elements of any discourse, and especially the least known of them. Well, let’s begin with the best known of the two: do you know which is it? What is the thing that you immediately associate with the word “speech”? It’s its content, right? More exactly, it’s the text of the talk or, to put it more accurately, it’s the ideas that are expressed in the discourse, along with their formulations and also their order in the speech, isn’t it?

Well, you must become aware that the content is not the only part of the talk. Its other fundamental part is represented by the way in which the speaker presents that content to his or her audience. In your case, the other major component is the delivery or presentation of your mother of the bride wedding speech or, more precisely, the manner in which you present, that is to say, deliver, your talk to the attendees at the bridal reception. This means that both the content and the presentation of the discourse must be prepared.

Even the greatest orators and public speakers prepare the delivery of their speeches, so you should do this too, especially if you have never offered a discourse or if you have little experience in this area. In other words, you must decide on how you will present your talk to your future listeners. To put it more accurately, you have to choose the manner of delivering the talk’s content: the intonation, gestures, moves, etc.

Therefore, the preparation stage of your mother of bride speech should consist in two distinct sub-stages: the preparation of the content and the one of the presentation. During the first sub-stage you create the text of your talk and during the second sub-stage you get ready for the way of delivering the speech.

Why Is the Talk’s Presentation So Important?

It’s essential to present your talk in an excellent manner, because it’s the delivery the one which influences the most the overall quality of your speech. In fact, you should see your discourse as a commercial product, let’s say, a book: the talk’s content is the text of the book and the talk’s presentation is the cover of the book. Do you know that people usually “judge the books by their covers”? That is to say, they tend to appreciate the quality of a product or even a person, by its aspect or appearance? I know this isn’t, in general, fair, but that’s the way things are and you must take this thing into account while gearing up for your discourse.

Top 3 Delivery Tips

The delivery of the wedding speech of a bride’s mother ought to prepared by using these three essential hints: use intonation, repeat using visualization and regard the listeners in the proper manner. The first tip means that you should modulate your voice while speaking, so that you would emphasize the topics that are the most important; otherwise, a same voice tone bores the audience.

The second and the third tip help you to get rid of the fear that might be cause by the fact of speaking in front of big crowds of people. According to the second hint, you should practice the discourse, whose content you must have created, in such a way that, while repeating, you imagine that you are at your daughter’s bridal reception and that all the guests are in front of you, listening to your talk. The simple fact of imagining yourself at the marriage party increases your chances of conquering your fear and powerful emotions.

While you prepare, as well as while you actually deliver your mother of the bride wedding speech at the reception, it’s essential to see the attendees as they really are: normal people, with many weak points and shortcomings, who are there for having fun. Avoid to let yourself impressed by their confident and relaxed aspect, as they are only spectators; it they were in your place, offering a discourse, they would probably perform pretty poorly. So, relax and speak to them as if they were your old friends.

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